Q: What is Mobile Massage Therapy?

Mobile massage therapy is professional and has the same standards as any professional clinic (absolutely NO sexual behaviour).  You get everything you get in the clinic but in the comfort of your own home,  I come to your home with my massage table, linens and lotion and you receive your massage therapy treatment without having to leave your home.

Q: What does it mean when people ask for a deep tissue massage?

What is deep for some people isn’t for others, each person can handle different pressures, therefore i work on an individual basis and go as deep as my patient can handle.  Deeper pressure isn’t always better, if the patient tense’s up due to too much pressure, it can create tension in the muscle making the problem worse vs better.

Q: Why do i feel soar after a massage?

Feeling achy and sore after a massage is caused by the lactic acids and metabolites in the muscles that are released by massage.  It is much like the sore and achy feeling you get after going to the gym and doing good workout.  A hot Epson salt bath can usually alleviate and possibly prevent any achiness from occurring.

  1. haven’t had a massage before
  2. Aren’t receiving massages frequently
  3. Have had a specific treatment related to an injury (the area could be sensitive) and/or a deeper massage to get rid of the tight muscles and tension.

Q: What is the difference between Therapeutic Massage and Relaxation Massage ?

  • Therapeutic massage is a combination of assessment and muscle testing to distinguish the treatment.  The focus is to correct the problem or injury.
  • Relaxation massage is a general massage which doesn’t target a specific problem.  The focus is generally on relaxing and distressing the body.